Brunch // Vegan French Toast – Recipe

Brunch to me is thee most idealistic meal. It’s actually my favourite thing to eat out for, I always think that going anywhere at brunch o’clock has a different vibe to it – everyone is so much more upbeat, possibly because of the extra few hours in bed they didn’t have to forfeit to make a breakfast date…

My favourite thing about brunch is that it’s so casual. Nothing has to be fancy, for me it’s all about being comfortable, long conversations and great coffee. However, this little brunch setting took place in the middle of my living room floor, complete with pj’s and the night before’s messy bun.

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Food diary // eating clean

WB: 19.06.17

As I mentioned in my previous post getting motivated, feeling energised, getting fit and altogether finally feeling happier with myself has been of prime to me lately. I feel as though a lot of these factors have a huge common link – what I eat. I am, unfortunately, one of those people who constantly feels guilty after they have indulged in something ‘naughty’. Surprisingly even with all my diet doubts, my eating habits weren’t that bad, just slightly erratic to be honest. Some days fueling myself with numerous large black coffees and generally one whole meal a day to a contrasting constant sugar nibbler or ‘binger’.

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Life update // wellbeing ft. diet and fitness

WB: 29.05.17

So, it’s safe to say I haven’t achieved my weekly blogging goal recently. In all fairness I haven’t been doing anything totally major but I have had things I had planned to write about such as; recipes, art shows, hill walks but I guess I put off each post too long for me to write about it. To be honest, I’ve been feeling quite down recently so I haven’t had much motivation to keep up with anything lately, I’ve felt quite overwhelmed with a few things in my life the last few weeks and I’ve mainly just been focussing on powering on and getting threw in my daily life that online life has been on the back burner.

But I felt that it was finally time to get out of my funk. I wanted to get back into blogging mode to begin with, so that I had something to help motivate me and express positive occurrences – so this is exactly what I need to push myself to do.

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Vegan pizza date // wb: 24.05.17

Celebratory cocktails, Rouge One, new job, aquarium visits and a vegan pizza date night – very satisfactory first week of summer.

Last week I finally got my life back, no more exam stress or assignment deadlines; just me, my boyfriend, my new job and lots of Summer trip planning. My final exam aside the week didn’t start off too badly, who can complain about a few rounds of drinks with my most loved geography buds to mark the finish line of our third year of uni survival.  Continue reading

Easter // wb: 10.04.17

The weekend just past gave me an opportunity to escape my stress bubble and just have a few days of chill and catch-ups with my mum. Unfortunately, I still had a textbook glued to my hand for most of the time but I have to admit I wasn’t exactly the most studious of people so I can’t complain too much. As much as I love living in a city, as soon as I’m back in my little Highland village I just feel like the rest of the world doesn’t exist.

No matter if I’m upset or stressed none of that seems to follow me once when I get off the train. Although it was only a long weekend break, it was just enough to get my head levelled out again and unwind after the last few weeks of ups & downs.  Continue reading


Gill // 23// Scotland // Student

So, because I am one week way from my final hand-in’s & exams of the year I thought that this would be the perfect time to re-create my little blog, and of course give myself another form of distraction away from studying.

When I’m not stressing over assignments and moaning of un-needed bordem you will either find me with coffee or a glass of wine in my hand. I love to cook, I am fresh obsessed so always have some recipe mulling away on the cooker – which depending on success rate and photogenic-ness will find it’s way on here I’m sure. Aside from my obsession with food and the fact that I live for a spin class – I’m also a huge fashion, book, music, art and travel fan to name the usual categories. All of which shall make their own post appearances as my little site blossoms!  Continue reading